Forensische Zahnmedizin

The textbook „Forensische Zahnmedizin“ by Klaus Rötzscher, in cooperation with Rolf Singer, Ludwigshafen, Günter Seifert, Berchtesgaden, Dieter Leopold, Leipzig, Wolfgang Pilz, Arnstadt und Tore Solheim, Oslo, published in 2000 by Springer publishers Berlin Heidelberg, was out of print shortly after its release. It was fully re-published as chapter in the textbook "Gerichtliche Medizin", Volume 2 by B. Madea and B. Brinkmann, Springer publishers Berlin Heidelberg, published in 2003 (ISBN 3-540-66447-5).

Today (since 2003) the textbook „Forensische Zahnmedizin“ by Klaus Rötzscher is re-published by: Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt (ISBN 3-8334-0372-1). It contains 110 pictures and 45 tables on 239 pages.